Strategies for FinOps: Encouraging Engineer Trust

Supercharge FinOps by empowering engineers to be part of the solution

3 Ways to Support Engineers to Take Action

FinOps programs introduce the need to consider and optimize costs, which can sometimes be seen as a constraint or hindrance to the rapid development and deployment of solutions.

Finding a balance where engineers can maintain their agility and innovation while being mindful of cloud costs and resource optimization is a delicate task.

In this 20-minute session we dive into some best practices along with a demo to showcase our core features. We cover:

  1. Encouraging trust: Strategies including transparent communication, inclusive decision-making, and showcasing tangible benefits to build trust
  2. Overcoming resistance: Address common resistance points and provide tailored solutions, emphasizing the importance of debunking myths and addressing fears
  3. Automation to make it easier: How automation can be integrated into existing processes to deliver the right recommended actions and make them easier to implement
  4. Live demonstration

Learn about Intel® Cloud Optimizer, named a market leader in GigaOm Radar report for Cloud Resource Optimization, and how FinOps programs can positively impact cost by reducing cloud resource waste.

For qualifying enterprises (based on annual cloud spend) Intel funds the cost of advanced analytics software and expert assistance from both Densify and Intel cloud architects.

Learn more about the Intel® Cloud Optimizer program or get a demo of Densify today!


About the Presenters

Chuck Tatham

Chuck Tatham Chief Revenue Officer, Densify

Chuck Tatham has 20 years of experience in enterprise software marketing, sales, and corporate management. As CRO, he is responsible for global marketing and strategic business development initiatives. Prior to Densify, Chuck held management roles at Compuware Corporation, Changepoint Corporation, and Lotus Development.

Andy Walton

Andy WaltonVP, Sales, Americas

Andy Walton is responsible for the sales and presales of Densify across Canada, USA, and Latin America. Prior, he held management, sales, and technical roles at IBM, KANA Software, Octel Communications, and Tandem Computers. Andy holds an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics and Business Administration from the University of Waterloo.