Resource Control within a FinOps Strategy

A FinOps graphic

Comprehensive FinOps Programs include Resource Control

Many enterprises struggles with the infrastructure optimization part of FinOps programs.  Finance oriented tools that make suggestions on optimizations are quickly discounted because application owners don’t want to mess with the resources of applications that are running well based on basic suggestions.

Can you blame them?

Significant optimization and cost reductions can be left on the table because in most cases there is a better choice instance for just about every workload.  Better for the app owner and better from a cost perspective.

Densify can help you find the best instance for every workload by enabling:

  • Precision analytics that examine workloads and key app specific constraints to provide a select set of optimal choices that meet the needs of workloads AND a reasonable “spend tolerance” as established by FinOps policy.
  • Detailed information on why alternates that cost less will meet the needs of an application safely
  • Flexible ways to integrate into processes and approval workflows that initiate execution and can end in automated application of the approved changes

Densify does not compete with FinOps processes and tools. The focus is on tackling the consumption part of the challenge by matching application demands to the right resources and instances at the container or cloud instance level.

When resources are optimized, cloud bills get smaller and apps run better.

Visualizing the impact of changing the Spend Tolerance guardrail for an app deployed on an Azure VM
(Catalog Map filtered to only show commonly used instance types)