Resource Optimization within a DevOps Toolchain

A DevOps graphic

Relieve Developers From The Burden Of Estimating The Resource Requirements Of Their Code

DevOps means speed, release frequency, control and reliability, yet most organizations are leaving the critical element of specifying resources up to best efforts and guesswork.  Like the quality of code that is written, the resources you provide your applications or processes have a direct impact on performance, efficiency and cost.

Don’t leave it to guesswork.

Densify enables a DevOps integrated approach to Resource Management by providing:

  • Precision analytics that examine workloads deeply and constantly to inject the right resource specifications for every workload
  • Flexible ways to integrate into processes and workflows that end in automated execution of the optimal resource settings for every application

 1.  Analyze detailed utilization patterns against cloud instance and container configurations, using sophisticated policies, to recommend optimal resource settings.

 2.  Socialize recommendations using Densify’s reporting engine, and optionally tie into approval workflows (e.g. Jira, ServiceNow) to allow app owners to understand and safely adopt changes.

 3.  Integrate with tools like Terraform using the Densify API to enable seamless execution of resource optimization recommendations, fully honoring approval processes.

 4.  Detect and eliminate operational risks, and not just waste, by automatically identifying undersized cloud instances, poorly performing scale groups, and misconfigured container requests and limit.