Terraform Kubernetes Optimization

DevOps Demo

Continuous Optimization Demonstration

Kubernetes and container technologies provide several options for quickly scaling your applications, but when they’re not sized optimally, this scales your cloud hosting costs as well.

In this 20-minute demo we dig into looking at how you can automate K8s right-sizing optimizations. You will learn how to:

  • Access the Densify API to retrieve optimization recommendations
  • Use Terraform to set optimized K8s container Requests and Limits
  • Continuously optimize for workload changes over time

We also cover how Densify can help you strategically and automatically map your workloads to the latest offerings to take advantage of performance and cost improvements. Qualifying organizations can even get their use of Densify completely funded by Intel.

About the Presenters

Joel Pereira

Joel Pereira Technical Specialist, Densify

Joel Pereira has 20 years of experience guiding customers in solving technical challenges. Joel has a developer background in a wide range of programming languages along with in-depth client relationship experience. Recently he has dived into the exciting world of Kubernetes and become a leader of automation at Densify.

Brett Philp

Brett PhilpSenior Technical Director, Densify

Brett Philp has 20 years of experience helping customers plan their server resource needs. Brett spent his first decade with IBM and the latter ten years doing both on-premesis and public cloud planning. Specifically, in his last two years, Brett has focused on issues related to automation and container resource consumption due to orchestration.