Enterprise Cloud Cost Optimization & Control

  • For IT Finance & FinOps Densify delivers in-depth cloud spend analysis

    Financial control and visibility connected to precise infrastructure optimization analytics that constantly balance cost and performance to set you up for savings success.

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  • For Public Cloud Infrastructure Public cloud resource management dashboard

    Understanding your bill only gets you so far. Experience next-gen cloud cost optimization and reduce costs every day through automation.

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  • For Container Infrastructure Container infrastructure resource management dashboard

    Enterprise container environment management shouldn’t be left to manual processes. They require automated resource control at the infrastructure as code level. Let us show you how.

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  • For VMware Infrastructure VMware resource management dashboard

    The only way to simultaneously drive density, ensure performance, de-risk, and save huge on license costs in VMware infrastructure.

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Densify’s Unique Cloud Cost Management Approach

Precise cloud optimization directives with the highest accuracy


Optimization is impossible without meticulously-accurate analytics that produce actions your application owners will trust and allow

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Build alignment and reliance between DevOps and FinOps


Policy and transparency that unify Finance, Engineering, Operations, and application owners to drive continuous cost optimization

Enable Collaboration
Integrate and automate cloud optimization with your existing BI, ITSM, and CI/CD tools and processes


Connects with your ecosystem to feed the processes and systems required to confidently optimize

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Manage Cost & Resources across Your Entire Hybrid Infrastructure

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