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Helping CloudOps Bridge the Gap Between Finance & App Owners

Stuck in the middle between Finance—asking you to drive down cloud costs—and application owners—asking for more cloud resources? You got this!

Densify’s cloud optimization engine

Automated Cloud Resource Optimization with Cloe Aware

Densify's machine learning enables your application instances to automatically become self-aware of their resource requirements and to dynamically match their needs to the optimal cloud resources. You get better performing apps with the most efficient use of your cloud budget.

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Optimization as Code

One line of code automatically optimizes your cloud workloads—forever.

Discover Automated Cloud Workload Optimization
provider "aws" {
  region = "${var.aws_region}"
resource "aws_instance" "web" {
  name = "Web Server"
  #instance_type = "m4.large"
  instance_type = "${lookup(local.densify_spec,"appr_type") == "all" ? lookup(local.densify_spec,"rec_type") : lookup(local.densify_spec,"cur_type")}"
  ami = "${lookup(var.aws_amis, var.aws_region)}"
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