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Our Cloud-Learning Optimization Engine enables your applications to become self-aware of their resource requirements and to dynamically match their needs to optimal cloud supply.

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The level of technical support service, relationship, and commitment to our project were exceptional. [Densify is the] inovative product involving analytical and simulation technologies to achieve results that would no longer be obtained by manual analysis.

José Carlos Bernardes (Catito), IBM

Densify’s biggest asset is their ability to evolve and continue to provide a valuable product with an extremely knowledgeable team in an ever-changing landscape.

Thomas Ryan, IBM

Densify provides us advanced analysis of our on-prem and cloud workloads, helping to optimize our spend on compute resources.

Jay Newman, eSentire

Last 12 Months Average Customer Savings: 42%

Densify is a cloud optimization technology focused on tackling the skyrocketing costs of cloud adoption. Delivered as a service, our patented analytics software uses machine learning to automatically examine your cloud usage patterns 24/7. Then, our cloud experts proactively recommend changes you should make to produce optimal infrastructure performance and maximum cloud savings.

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The Densify Cloud Analytics & Optimization Engine

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Managing & Optimizing Public Cloud Complexity

Managing & Optimizing Public Cloud Complexity

Former VMware CTO Ben Fathi frames the promise and challenge for organizations in light of the explosion of cloud

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How Ticketmaster Optimizes Cloud Workloads with Densify

Hear how Ticketmaster leverages machine learning to make informed decisions about cloud workload management.

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This screencapture shows a customer result after 24 hours of Densify analysis. The customer was able to save nearly 60%.

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