Cloud & Container Resource Management

Densify provides visibility into your hybrid cloud and containers, and automates application resource selection—resulting in improved performance, stability, and lower cloud spend.

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Amazon Reserved Instances Purchasing & Management Made Easy

Gain visibility into your RI inventory, utilization, coverage, and needs, and get optimal RI purchase and exchange recommendations.

Enhance Your RI Management Strategy
Manage AWS Reserved Instances effectively with Densify

Meet Cloe

Our Cloud-Learning Optimization Engine dynamically matches the correct cloud resources to your apps’ demands—24/7.

Meet Cloe
Densify’s AI-powered cloud management and optimization engine

Built with You in Mind

Cloud Engineers can effectively resource applications with the appropriate cloud services and configurations—every time

Cloud Engineers

Automate resource management at scale and improve application performance—while reducing risk

Cloud Architects can transform to containerized infrastructure with confidence and within CI/CD workflows

Container Platform Owners

Reduce risk with automated container pattern analysis—built around your existing CI/CD framework—for the best container sizing and node resource selection

IT Finance can minimize cloud spend and take control of Amazon Reserved Instances strategies

IT Finance

Full financial and business intelligence reporting empowers you to reduce cloud spend, easily handle chargebacks, and better manage Reserved Instances purchases

Automate Cloud & Container Management

Automate the elasticity of your cloud and containers “as code” and as part of your daily CI/CD workflow via Slack.

Manage cloud and container resources from Slack Discover Continuous Optimization
Manage your container infrastructure effectively with Densify machine intelligence and automation

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