Container Optimization for
Red Hat OpenShift

Automatically determine the container resources required to reduce cost and maximize performance in OpenShift

Cost optimization for Red Hat OpenShift
Densify is a Red Hat Technology Partner and a Red Hat Certified Technology

Effective Management of Your OpenShift Container Infrastructure Requires Continuous Optimization

The Red Hat OpenShift container platform comes with plenty of benefits, but, given the complexity of containerization, operators have been challenged with two areas:

  • Implementing successful strategies to continuously optimize these environments
  • Gaining deep visibility into containerized applications for the purposes of chargeback/showback, reporting, and bill visibility 

Densify provides visibility into your hybrid cloud and container workloads and automates optimal workload supply allocation—resulting in improved performance, stability, and reduced cloud spend.

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Benefits of Continuous OpenShift Container Resource Optimization

Densify optimizes hybrid cloud infrastructure by analyzing app demand patterns, infrastructure characteristics, policies, and tags to recommend optimal placements and deliver business intelligence and automation.

Full-Stack Visibility
Deep visibility with breakdown views, how much resources you have, how effectively you are using them, and cost breakdown.
Optimal Container Resource Allocation
CPU and memory request and limit values, integration with infrastructure as code tools, improved application performance, and continuous optimization.
Node-Level Resource Optimization
select the right node type and size, optimize scaling parameters, automated resource optimization at the underlying node level, and better resource efficiency at the right price.
Agentless Data Collection
we collect data from a Prometheus source by installing a Red Hat-certified container into the client’s environment. Data is collected and analyzed in a dedicated client instance running on IBM Cloud. 

Overview of OpenShift container resource management

Automated resource optimization for OpenShift container infrastructure

Take Control of Your OpenShift Costs & Performance

Densify helps you solve significant OpenShift management challenges:

  • Reduce sprawl by increasing density and efficiency, and empower your organization with visibility, control, and automation across your entire stack.
  • Rightsize request and limits based on predicted application demands, eliminating guesswork and reducing waste and risk, yielding up to a 40% reduction in costs
  • Gain the benefits of enterprise-class FinOps with chargeback/showback reporting and bill visibility.
  • Enable automated rightsizing to reduce errors and labor, ensuring the right resources are available for your app when they are needed, and integrating into your DevOps process to enable CI/CD/CO (continuous optimization) to drive savings and reduce time to implement.
  • Precisely transform from on-prem VMware or any cloud to container infrastructure with migration analytics that perform optimum sizing recommendations and drive overall visibility and governance.