Integrating Densify

Optimized Compute Resource Specifications Can Be Integrated with & Infrastructure Management Processes in Powerful Ways

Densify integrations

Drive & Track Optimization Changes via Integration with ITSM Systems & Processes

Densify precision recommendations can be integrated into ITSM processes controlled by the likes of Jira Service Management or ServiceNow. This enables change management with detailed tracking of all optimization activities as well as policy-based approval processes that include application owners. Densify produces impact analysis reports for each recommendation that can be distributed as part of the approval process, enabling the teams that own the applications to make informed decisions with high confidence.

ITSM dashboard displaying: savings based on Densify calculated savings; ticket status, recommendation type; and additional filters

Succeed with ITSM Integration

Densify’s experts discuss their findings from the field and walk through the 4 key things to get right when integrating optimization recommendations into ITSM change management frameworks. 
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Integrate Continuous Optimization with Your CI/CD Pipeline

Allow engineers to focus on developing without wasting time thinking about resource specifications for each application component. Integrate Densify into process flows so apps automatically get the resources they need based on machine learning utilization patterns over time. By leaving resource decisions to analytics, you enable your CI/CD pipeline to also do continuous optimization. 

Densify can integrate resource optimization with CI/CD pipeline components like Jenkins, GitHub, Docker, Bitbucket, Helm, Chef, Puppet, and more
Leverage infrastructure as code automation like CloudFormation, Terraform, Ansible, and others

Eliminate Hardcoded Resource Specs within Infrastructure as Code

With CloudFormation and Terraform, application resources are often hard coded into manifests, many times with suboptimal specifications. Integrate Densify with these frameworks to make optimization seamless and continuous: optimization as code.

Integrate with Business Intelligence Platforms to Share Status, Optimization Potential, & Compare Departmental Performance

Share insights, rankings and other analysis outputs across the organization by integrating with business intelligence (BI) platforms like Tableau and Google Looker. Effortlessly communicate status and optimization opportunities with business stakeholders. Tap into the wealth of detailed data and insights in Densify to make dashboards tailored to the way you do business.

Densify integrates with BI platforms like Tableau, Google Looker, Microsoft Power BI, and others