ITSM Integration in Cloud and Container Resource Optimization

Succeed with ITSM Integration

When optimizing resources on cloud and container environments there are some key requirements that will lead to a successful outcome. For example, the recommendations need to be correct, and account for the subtleties of the workload demands and the infrastructure that is available in the cloud provider. But even with the perfect recommendation, you aren’t done – that recommendation needs to be communicated, approved, executed and tracked in order to provide enterprise-grade governance. Proper change management is key.

Watch this 20-min session to hear Densify’s experts discuss their findings from the field and walk through the 4 key things to get right when integrating optimization recommendations into ITSM change management frameworks:

  1. Scope of integration – what groups or teams do you target, and what actions do you focus on
  2. Volume and Frequency – how do you avoid overwhelming the teams that are taking action
  3. Ticket Content – how do you map optimization recommendation details into the fields of your tickets
  4. Suppression Logic – once an action is taken (or rejected) how long do you hold off before raising further actions

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About the Presenters

Andrew Hillier

Andrew Hillier Co-founder & CTO, Densify

Andrew Hillier has over 20 years of experience in the creation and implementation of mission-critical cloud applications for the world’s largest enterprises. As CTO and Co-founder of Densify, he heads product strategy and leads the creation of sophisticated workload pattern analysis and machine learning technology that underpins the Densify solution. Hillier holds 10 patents in this field and is a noted thought leader and speaker in the area of cloud and container technologies.
He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering from The University of New Brunswick.

Amit Johry

Amit Johry VP, Product Management & Tech Services, Densify

Amit Johry has over a decade of experience leading Technical Services teams. As VP, Product Management & Tech Services, Amit is responsible for driving product innovation and supporting customers as they improve the efficiency and performance of their Public Cloud and Container investments.
Amit has an MBA from the Ivey School of Business, and a Masters in Computer Science from Boston University.