Densify Talks, Avoiding Sticker Shock with Gokul Naidu of SAP’s SuccessFactors

calendar April 29, 2024

On this episode of Densify Talks, we welcome Gokul Naidu, Senior Manager, Cloud Operations for SAP’s SuccessFactors Product Suite.

Andrew and Gokul discuss an array of topics in the episode. The general theme of the discussion focuses on cost management and the importance of being prepared, aware, and executing the right planning in order to avoid sticker shock.

Gokul shares about SAP’s massive cloud transformation and the incredible results from that success. Andrew and Gokul also discuss RI’s, FinOps, optimization thoughts and tips, new apps from SAP and the impact on Architecture decision making, user activity metrics, how SAP is able to involve Engineers to act on changes, thoughts on containers, and Gokul’s predictions on what’s to come.

It’s an incredible discussion, full of great advice, tips, and insights that we hope you will, not only enjoy, but gain some great content to walk away with!

About our guest:

Gokul Naidu, Senior Manager, Cloud Operations at SAP SuccessFactors

Gokul Naidu is a Senior Manager, Cloud Operations at SAP, for the SuccessFactors product suite — a leading global Human Capital Management solution. He spearheads the cloud optimization initiative, collaborating with teams across product development, engineering, operations, data science, and finance. His leadership has been pivotal in establishing and executing the cloud optimization strategy within SAP SuccessFactors from the inception of their cloud migration journey.

About Densify Talks:

Densify Talks is a podcast hosted by Andrew Hillier, Co-Founder and CTO of Densify, a cloud optimization software company. The podcast is focused on interviews with IT and technical leaders and innovators who have experience in delivering cloud and Kubernetes-based infrastructure within large enterprises.

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