Cloud and Container Resource Optimization vs
Cloud Cost Management

Equally important but very different.

Why does Densify focus on workload resource optimization?

There are two major thrusts associated with achieving cost efficient cloud and container infrastructure:

  1. Governance and Financial Management, with includes control of budgeting and forecasting, cross charging, cloud contract commitments and invoice analytics.

  2. Controlling the consumption of resources at the infrastructure level, which includes analyzing workloads to ensure that the right type and quantity of capacity is available without being wasteful.

Both disciplines are very important and demanding but serve significantly different functions and users.

Densify focuses on #2 and the precision required to be part of the infrastructure management chain. This focus and the resulting depth of capabilities means that our recommendations can be safely applied to infrastructure and increasingly automated. 

These recommendations cannot be basic “suggestions”. Rather, they must be accurate directives that are the result of both rigorous workload analysis and policies that are deep enough to reflect the unique needs of enterprises, departments, or individual workloads. 

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