Managing Public Cloud Challenges

Mike Woeller, Former CIO & EVP, Cigna Corporation

Former Cigna Corporation CIO & EVP Mike Woeller has made a career of managing large, technical organizations in complex marketplaces. For CIOs today, he sees the traditional management challenges of on-prem IT—control, cost management, and speed/agility—magnified by the vast cloud provider service offerings available.

In order to maintain control, Woeller says, IT organizations need to be able to dynamically assess their needs across capacity, and accurately size what they need to buy in the cloud. This means sizing workloads by capacity, comparing across cloud providers, provider instances, and their latest and most up-to-date offerings.

Containerization is also on the horizon—and has already arrived for some organizations—and will add even more complexity to the cloud management equation. Woeller insists organizations must leverage intelligent systems and services to get ahead of these public cloud challenges.