Optimize Your Cloud from Slack

Densify’s Slack Integration

Slack is where your work flows. It’s where your team comes together, shares information, collaborates, and gets things done. In this video, see how Densify enables you to manage the optimization of your cloud resources without leaving Slack, in just a few clicks.

Cloud applications that run on suboptimal resources can cause business risks and unnecessary spend. Densify enables your applications to become self-aware of their resource requirements and to dynamically match their needs to the optimal cloud supply. Integrated with Slack, Densify provides optimization recommendations that you can assess and act on from directly within your Slack channel.

Densify’s Slack integration allows you to improve your cloud infrastructure from Slack, wherever you are.

Optimize Your Cloud from within Slack

Get a 1:1 demonstration of Densify’s Slack integration and see how you can action recommendations made by our machine learning so your workloads get the right resources, continuously.

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