How Verisk Achieves Cloud Migration & Continuous Optimization with Densify

Verisk Accomplishes Analytics-Driven Cloud Transformation & Optimization with Densify

Verisk Analytics has delivered data, analytics, and decision support services to insurance, energy, and financial services customers for nearly 50 years, enabling better decisions about risk, investments, and operational efficiencies. In this video, Director and Lead Financial Officer Vincent DeAngelis describes how informed cloud migration helped ease cost, service, and agility challenges around applications and services.

Densify integrates with over 100 Verisk AWS accounts to provide users with performance and cost analytics that enable superior profit and loss management. Densify analyzes data based on business-defined benchmarks like utilization, technical requirements, and operational requirements, and generates reports for application owners to substantiate performance and cost recommendations. These recommendations can be approved through standard ITSM and CI/CD workflows and automatically implemented.

Verisk Analytics understands that cloud transformation and optimization recommendations require answering the question, ‘why,’ and providing reliable data and proof to business owners. Densify solves these requirements by providing the analytics and data required to enable cloud transformation, optimization, and automation strategies for on-premises and public cloud applications.

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