Amazon Reserved Instance (RI) Management

Plan, Manage, & Optimize Reserved Instance Purchases

Purchasing the optimal set of Reserved Instances is complicated. You’ll need to ask:

  • Should I be making one-year or three-year commitments?
  • What if my business changes the types of instances we are using?
  • Should I consider paying extra for Convertible RIs?

Any errors in executing your RI purchasing strategy correctly can lead to an increase in your cloud spend and reduced overall agility.

Amazon Reserved Instance management
Densify empowers you with RI purchasing reporting

Gain Reserved Instance Visibility

Densify RI reports show you full visibility into your historical RI purchases, their utilization, RI coverage across your instances, chargeback based on what accounts have been getting value from your RIs, and more

Model the best RI purchasing strategy for your business

Understand What You Need

Get answers to your RI purchase needs based on a variety of scenarios, including time periods, offering classes, terms, and payment options

An RI purchasing strategy dramatically reduces AWS costs

Establish Your RI Purchasing Strategy

Model purchasing scenarios to build a strategy for purchasing optimal RIs that result in dramatic cost savings

Get Visibility into Your RIs

Easily consumable reporting and visibility answers important RI strategy questions, giving you visibility into:

  • The RIs you have purchased and a full inventory of what you have
  • How well you are utilizing the existing RIs across your organization, and how much value they are adding to your business
  • How many of your running instances are using RIs and the total percentage coverage—showing if you are undersubscribed with RI purchases
  • Chargebacks reports showing which departments purchased RIs, which departments used these RIs, and details regarding interdepartmental cross-charges
  • A historical view of your RI purchase and exchange history
Customizable reporting shows your historical AWS RI use and what to expect going forward

What-If Scenario Modeling to Identify Optimal RIs

Densify’s Cloud-Learning Optimization Engine—Cloe—performs deep, multipass Reserved Instance analysis to determine exactly what Reserved Instances you should be purchasing from AWS. Densify determines your optimal RIs based on various scenarios and usage, and Densify analytics use your billing and usage data to determine your actual needs based on 36 unique scenarios, including:

  • 7-, 30-, or 60-day time periods
  • Whether or not the Amazon Reserved Instances are Standard or Convertible
  • Term length—1 or 3 years
  • Were charges paid All Upfront, Partial Upfront, or No Upfront

For each scenario, the optimal number of RIs is based on the lowest costs (RI + On-Demand costs).

Densify’s Cloud-Learning Optimization Engine helps you leverage Amazon Reserved Instances more effectively

Convertible RI Exchanger

With Densify’s machine-learning-based analytics, you get recommendations to exchange underused Convertible Reserved Instances to new RIs as needed. In making recommendations, Densify will automatically take into consideration complex Convertible RI exchange rules, and give you a summary of exchange details and actual exchange actions to take, making it simple to take advantage of Convertible RIs.

Machine learning reveals when to exchange your Convertible RIs for more cost-effective options

Differentiated RI Planning & Management

Densify analyzes existing workloads and Reserved Instances to define a comprehensive plan for optimizing your RIs. By matching your RI needs against your existing portfolio, Densify provides detailed recommendations that:

  • Show when to exchanging underutilized Convertible RIs into the RI classes you actually need
  • Highlight when you need to buy additional RIs that cannot be obtained through exchanges
  • Tell you when you should reduce the number of Standard (non-Convertible) RIs that are not providing you with value
Densify machine learning creates a detailed strategy for continuous optimization of your Reserved Instances

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