Densify Pricing

Easy. Scalable. Affordable.
Trial Free for 14 days Densify for DevOps Enables optimization of your public cloud infrastructure through Densify APIs, delivering continuous cloud optimization at the code level that fits into your CI/CD practice Starting at $750/month, minimum 1-year term; month-to-month option available Densify for Public Cloud Helps you achieve better app performance at the lowest possible spend in pure public cloud environments Starting at $1,250/month, minimum 1-year term Densify for Hybrid Cloud Optimizes your hybrid cloud infrastructure and includes all Densify’s capabilities Starting at $1,750/month, minimum 1-year term
Public Cloud Support Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Automated Optimization
Compute Instances
Database Instances
Scaling Groups
Infrastructure as Code & CI/CD Integration Hashicorp Terraform support AWS CloudFormation support
Approval Workflow
Reserved Instance Optimization
Cost Management for AWS * *
Private Cloud Support VMware
IBM Cloud
Automated Resource Optimization (placement, allocation)
Realtime Elastic Compute Management
Accurate Capacity Forecasting
Software License Reduction
Demand Management (routing, reservation)
Cloud Migration Planning
Advanced Transformation Planning
Container Support Container Resource Optimization
General Capabilities Selection of Best-Practice Policies
Detailed Policy Tuning
Embedded BI & Customizeable Reporting
User Experience UI Access to Results & Reports
Fully API-Enabled
Advanced Analysis Console
Cloud Advisor Expertise
Infrastructure Control Console
Additional Details Custom Integrations with Third-Party Solutions* ServiceNow integration Atlassian Jira Service Desk integration * * *
Restrictions on Number of Instances &/or VMs 200 minimum, 2,000 maximum none none none
*Additional fees apply USD pricing shown. Other currencies are available.

How We Price

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. We charge per instance equivalence and there are discounts with volume purchases. Every customer and environment is different and the best way to get the best prices for you, is to contact us.