Cirba Hosts Product Advisory Conference on Software-Defined Infrastructure Control

12 Fortune 500 companies that collectively manage 500,000 VMs to collaborate on management of the software-defined data center

Toronto, Ontario – December 9, 2014 - Cirba Inc., the leading provider of software-defined infrastructure control solutions, today announced it will hold its second annual product advisory conference in Orlando, Fla. from December 10-12, 2014 to discuss next-generation cloud and software-defined management strategies. This invitation-only event will focus on how organizations can achieve advanced automated control within the world's largest corporate IT infrastructures to drive efficiency, reduce risk and optimize the balance of infrastructure supply with application demand.

Cirba is at the forefront of helping Global 2000 companies significantly reduce hardware and software costs by adding a level of automated control to infrastructure management, no matter their underlying environment. These organizations are now making every aspect of their data center infrastructure more software-defined – through clever abstractions creating flexibility, agility, and enabling common hardware to be used to create special-purpose configurations.

Cirba acts as a control plane providing demand management and optimization of infrastructure supply to enable higher levels of efficiency, operational control and automation.

Cirba's customers include a cross-section of industries of the world's largest organizations including four of North America's 10 largest banks and eight of the world's 50 largest banks, in addition to leading insurers, telcos, technology, logistics and entertainment organizations.

"While the move to software-defined infrastructure can increase flexibility and agility with in IT, the ability to create infinite infrastructure configurations and tear down traditional physical barriers that currently limit workload mobility have the propensity to introduce operational chaos," said Gerry Smith, president and CEO of Cirba. "Policy-driven control with a solution like Cirba is essential to applying these new capabilities in a way that aligns operational decisions with the business requirements. It's also the only hope organizations have of truly automating operations without introducing new operational risk and inefficiency."


About Cirba Inc.

Cirba has re-imagined infrastructure control for the software-defined era. We're enabling the world's most successful organizations to scientifically balance infrastructure supply and application demand – creating a demand-driven approach to infrastructure management that maximizes efficiency and cost-savings while reducing risk. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @Cirba.

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