Control Your Public Cloud Costs

Densify Empowers You to Intelligently Reduce Public Cloud Spending

Grab The Reins & Control Your Rising Public Cloud Costs

Frequently, public cloud costs spiral out of control because of the opaqueness and complexity of cloud providers’ billing and operating models. And, after you cloud spending bill has arrived, it’s too late to address potential infrastructure and workload optimizations.

Our analytics enable you to optimize cloud costs and our expert insights lead you straight to cloud savings by giving you a clear picture of what you are spending, how to better manage that spend, and how to actively reduce it.

Discover strategies to optimize public cloud spending
Densify provides views specifically oriented toward helping you optimize cloud costs

Cloud Cost & Budget Control—Forcasting Today & Tomorrow

Densify gives you budget management so that you can accurately allocate costs across business units, projects, cost centers, and other internal divisions—helping you build interorganizational ownership for cloud infrastructure spending.

  • Report on actual spend versus budgets
  • See spend by day, week, month, quarter, and year
  • Identify unallocated charges and properly assign them
  • Forecast growth and costs with automatic trending of spending based on historical spend
Assign cloud spending numbers and budget across organizational units

Ensure Your Cloud Workloads Get The Right Resources

Our deep analysis of historical workload patterns and personalities always ensures your workloads get the resources they need without too much.

Rightsize cloud instances to mitigate risks and problems:

  • Oversized VMs are a common area of waste, particularly in cloud environments where self-service models allow users to determine allocations. Densify ensures that service levels are met according to policies and specifies exactly how much resource each workload requires so you can confidently reclaim and reallocate resources.
  • Underallocated VMs frequently encounter performance issues and need to be resolved but ensuring the right instance is purchased is critical to alleviate resource constraints without incurring unnecessary costs.
Watch this presentation with IDC on the benefits of workload-aware multicloud capacity analytics
Rightsize your cloud instances

Take Actions to Actively Reduce Public Cloud Spending

Densify doesn’t just report on costs, it provides actionable recommendations so you can actively reduce spend:

  • Rightsize instances safely based on historical utilization to reduce costs
  • Eliminate hidden costs by turning off deadwood infrastructure
  • Use Reserved Instances (RIs) effectively for compatible workloads
  • Explore alternative hosting environments such as VMware on AWS or containers on various public cloud offerings
Reduce AWS & Azure costs—watch the EMA presentation
A checklist for reducing spend

Machine Learning-Powered Intelligence—Our Secret Sauce

Densify collects detailed billing data from your public cloud accounts along with the historical utilization data, technical and business requirements for your workloads. Using this information and a deep understanding of the capabilities of the public cloud providers, our predictive analytics give complete visibility and control over both today’s spend and future costs by trending forward spending so you are never surprised by an incoming invoice.

Cloud optimization through machine-learned and AI-driven insights

Cloud Cost Experts at Your Service

You also get a dedicated cloud cost advisor who will leverage years of experience and insights into best practices to identify waste, navigate pricing models, and offer suggestions on different approaches and strategies to ensure your use of public cloud resources is always optimized.

We provide you a dedicated expert Cloud Optimization Advisor

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