The CI/CD Framework A Best-Practices-Based Approach to Continuous Integration & Delivery

See How Your CI/CD Pipeline Compares

The framework is an easy-to-follow best practice pipeline for CI/CD, enabling novices and sophisticated practitioners alike to improve their organizational processes

Modern technologies like containers and the emergence of architectures like Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) have made the practice of software development increasingly complex—and overwhelming. As organizations embrace the DevOps practices to continuously deliver better applications in a more agile fashion, it is critical for DevOps practitioners to see the big picture of the whole CI/CD pipeline.

This document endeavors to demystify the complexities of CI/CD processes and related tools, and works to create a standardized, accepted, best-of-breed lifecycle that provides a solid foundation for DevOps practices.

This framework is designed for:

  • Organizations with existing CI/CD practices that are looking to improve their pipelines or augment existing stages with additional automation and tooling
  • Teams that are planning new CI/CD flows and could benefit from an industry-validated best practice framework that provides examples of relevant technologies for each stage

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