Rightsizing Cloud at Scale

How to Automate Cloud Optimization

Leveraging Automation to Rightsize Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure

Bill-oriented cloud optimization solutions often generate cloud rightsizing strategies that application owners don’t trust and can’t be built into your management processes in a way that can be automated. Bill analysis solutions are useful for financial observability, but enterprise cloud infrastructure management demands more sophisticated approaches that:

  • Generate right sizing recommendations from a perspective of delivering optimal app-to-instance matches, rather than for purely driving cost savings
  • Explain in detail how rightsizing suggestions are computed
  • Integrate tightly with business processes, BI reporting standards, and operations frameworks like ITSM
  • Enable cloud rightsizing to be automated through proper approval pipelines and orchestration tools

Next-generation cloud rightsizing and optimization solutions deliver continuous optimization (CO), a concept and process that helps companies realize perfectly-sized cloud infrastructure that is automated and integrated into DevOps continuous integration/continuous deployment pipelines as CI/CD/CO.

Watch this discussion and demonstration and learn:

  • How to ban the “black box,” and keep app owners happy with proof of how rightsizing will be safe for the app, and not based purely on cost savings
  • The benefits of using collaboration tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams to subscribe to and approve recommendations to key application groups
  • How to leverage DevOps ecosystem tools like AWS CloudFormation and AWS Parameter Store to make rightsizing happen in real time and scale to support hundreds or thousands of recommendations

About the Presenter

Andy Walton has over 25 years of experience working for information technology vendors in the enterprise data center and telecommunications spaces. Prior to his time with Densify, Andy held management, sales, and technical roles at IBM, Think Dynamics, KANA Software, Octel Communications, and Tandem Computers. Andy has a bachelor degree with honours in mathematics and computer science from the University of Waterloo.