Cloud Cost Management & Optimization

The Next-Gen Solution to Cloud Financial Management

Addressing the Complete Cloud Cost Management & Optimization Problem

Densify uniquely addresses the complete cost optimization challenge by first tackling the precise optimization of individual cloud instances, then ensuring that purchasing is optimal from the ground up.

Cloud cost control requires optimizing the underlying infrastructure
The total cloud cost management challenge

Cloud Cost Intelligence

It all starts with visibility—knowing who’s spending what, enabling line-of-business chargebacks, and detecting cost anomalies.

Densify’s unique cloud cost intelligence helps you monitor, understand, and manage the details associated with your cloud bills. It allows you to review your billing data in a full-featured reporting structure, providing you with complete visibility and cost intelligence through detailed reporting and filtering, while enabling showback and chargeback to lines of business.

Densify’s outlier analysis detects anomalous spending patterns, providing transaction-level details and quickly identifying root problems to get your spending back under control.

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Cloud Instance Capacity Optimization

Machine learning precisely and automatically rightsizes and right-types your public cloud IaaS, ensuring app performance at the lowest possible cost per instance.

Rightsize your cloud spend
Optimization directives show exactly the steps to take to reduce costs while preserving cloud performance

Optimized Cloud Purchasing

Intelligently-procuring cloud infrastructure by maximizing discounts is key to successful cloud financial management.

Planning & Management for AWS Savings Plans

Densify delivers powerful recommendations AWS Savings Plans. With our patented, predictive machine learning technology and our dedicated team of Cloud Advisors, we will empower you to make optimal, well-informed decisions on how to best leverage Savings Plans. Densify proactively determines the optimal strategy for leveraging Savings Plans to maximize cloud cost savings.

Full visibility into AWS Savings Plans
Strategically use AWS Savings Plans to minimize costs

Full Lifecycle Management of Reserved Instances (RIs)

Densify analyzes existing Reserved Instances to define a comprehensive plan to maximize your Reserved Instances utilization. Densify provides detailed recommendations to exchange underutilized convertible RIs into the reservations you actually need, and recommends when you should purchase more based on your current coverage.

Automated recommendations for how to best leverage your Reserved Instances portfolio
Detailed convertible RI recommendations with true up costs and monthly savings

Tunable Cloud Spend Anomaly Detection

Densify’s outlier analysis quickly identifies anomalies in cloud spending patterns. Outliers can be visualized against historical spending patterns with drilldown into transaction-level details to determine the root cause of anomalous spend. Outlier reports are configurable, so you have control over what defines an anomalous pattern based on business needs. Once you configure a report, you can save it for repeated use.

Watch a Demo of Cloud Cost Outlier Analysis
Infrastructure anomaly graph

Save 42% on Public Cloud Infrastructure Costs on Average

Densify analyzes workload patterns to precisely determine which instance types & sizes should be applied to each workload. The alignment of workloads with the optimal instance types saves an average of 42% on your cloud infrastructure costs.

Forrester identifies Densify as a leading vendor
Forrester named Densify a leader in their 2018 Cloud Cost Monitoring and Optimization (CCMO) report

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