3 Ways to Reduce Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure Costs

Recorded Presentation with EMA

Learn How to Reduce Your AWS & Azure Public Cloud Costs by up to 80%

Almost all public cloud users feel their bill is higher than necessary. In fact, EMA Research shows that 42% of your peers see public cloud cost control as their number one investment priority.

In this session recording, Torsten Volk, Managing Director, Hybrid Cloud & Infrastructure Management, EMA and Andrew Hillier, CTO & co-founder of Densify outline:

  • The top reasons your public cloud bills are out of control
  • Top initiatives planned to address this critical problem
  • What you really should be doing about it

Watch this video now to learn how you can leverage analytics, automation, and machine learning to unleash the full potential of your cloud strategy.

You Will Learn

  • Public cloud cost management strategies that deliver savings from 20–80%
  • What analysis techniques and approaches are critical to cloud optimization
  • Approaches for right-sizing when line of business rejects reclaim recommendations
  • How to get visibility into the right cloud options and services for your workloads
  • How to transition capacity management from a cyclical planning process to one that matches the dynamic cloud ecosystem

Watch the presentation now!