Visualize Your Kubernetes Resource Performance & Cost Risks

K8s Best Practices Training

Turn a Mountain of Analytics into Actionable Intelligence

Digging through pod and container-level analysis of CPU and memory utilization enables you to identify risk and waste at a granular level, but visualizing these analytics holistically is critical to seeing the big picture, and identifying needles in the container haystack. Simply aggregating data or taking averages can give a false view of what is really happening—and, can actually mask the presence of performance risk and wasteful over-allocation.

Watch below as we detail an efficient approach for analyzing large numbers of containers and generating meaningful views of efficiency and risk across clusters, business units, and even application components. You will learn:

  1. Methods of visualizing your K8s and OpenShift infrastructure that surface risks and overspend, and reveal how far your container resource specifications depart from what is optimal
  2. How to identify problematic trends and workload “personalities” across container environments, what issues these can cause, and how to fix them
  3. How to incorporate analytics into ITSM processes and CI/CD pipelines in order to fix the problem at the source

See the Impact of CPU & Memory Resources in Your K8s or OpenShift Environment

Request a demo and our experts can help you get these visualizations for your own environment. They can demonstrate strategies for rectifying resource and capacity issues in your own Kubernetes and OpenShift environments, and show you how our optimizer can drive agile and intelligent resource allocation for DevOps across your Kubernetes infrastructures and public cloud nodes.

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About the Presenters

Andrew Hillier

Andrew Hillier Co-founder & CTO, Densify

Andrew Hillier 20+ years of experience in the creation and implementation of mission-critical cloud applications for the world’s largest enterprises. As CTO and Co-founder of Densify, he heads product strategy. Hillier holds 10 patents in this field and is a noted thought leader and speaker in the area of cloud and container technologies.

Prior to Densify, Andrew led the development of trading system solutions for major financial institutions, as well as in the fields of covert military surveillance, advanced traffic and train control, and the robotic inspection and repair of nuclear reactors.

Chuck Tatham

Chuck Tatham Chief Marketing Officer & VP, Business Development, Densify

Chuck Tatham has 20 years of experience in enterprise software marketing, sales, and corporate management. As CMO and VP Business Development, he is responsible for global marketing and strategic business development initiatives.

Prior to Densify, Chuck held management roles at Compuware Corporation, Changepoint Corporation, and Lotus Development.