Case Studies for Enabling Continuous Optimization in DevOps

Pegah Garousi, a Cloud Solution Architect at Densify, works with Fortune 2000 clients to tie optimal resource sizing recommendations into their existing DevOps processes through continuous optimization. While every business has unique workflows and processes, the end goal for all is fully-automated infrastructure provisioning and management. In this video, Pegah demonstrates three client use cases for continuous optimization as part of DevOps.

For many advanced use cases, infrastructure as code (IaC) is being leveraged to automate elements of cloud management, including cloud resource selection. But, commonly, this inadvertently creates operational risks and results in high cloud costs. Densify’s optimization as code leverages IaC to automate away these problems, seamlessly extending your Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to enable Continuous Optimization (CO). With Densify’s flexible API, it’s easy to integrate Continuous Optimization into your CI/CD workflow as a native element.

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