Justifying Infrastructure Optimization to App Owners

Gain Business Stakeholder Buy-In for Cloud Optimization

Although machine learning will identify the optimal infrastructure resources for an app or workload, implementing the changes needed to realign application resources often raises business challenges. In many organizations, application owner stakeholders may initially be skeptical that changes to the underlying infrastructure leading to cost reductions will positively affect app performance.

Whereas many solutions only show cost change predictions, each hybrid cloud optimization recommendation made by Densify generates a supporting impact analysis report to justify the suggested app resource realignment.

The report shows a summary and specifics of for each recommendation, including:

  • Before and after utilization metrics
  • The policy that governed the recommendation
  • The system name
  • The system ID
  • A comparison of the capabilities of the current and recommended instance
  • Level of effort projections
  • Information indicating whether the change can be automated

Finally, a cost savings impact summary is included, justifying a decrease in cost through efficiency gains achieved by better matching the workload to resource abilities, or an increase in cost due to addressing existing performance risks.

This report shows why a change should be be made, demonstrating to and convincing application owners that changes to your private or public cloud will be safe, and that their app or workload will perform flawlessly and not be exposed to risk.

Justify Cloud Optimization to Your App Owners

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Reporting enables organizational collaboration on cloud optimization