U.S. Ticket Distributor Gains Insight Required to Right Size Amazon Web Services


Organization Size
~6,700 employees
Public Cloud Size
~3,500 AWS instances
Public Cloud Cost Reduction with Densify
Monthly Amazon Web Services Savings with Densify

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Customer Challenge

The organization was struggling with a public cloud business management solution that could not accurately right-size instances, despite its claims. The organization had to rely on manual analysis to right-size instances, which was time consuming and resulted in sub-optimal results. It took the organization two months to analyze just 10 percent of the environment, leaving the majority of workloads untouched.

Densify Solution

Within one day, Densify’s deep workload analysis of several weeks of utilization data from Amazon CloudWatch revealed both CPU performance risks and right-sizing opportunities. One percent of the AWS instances were too small and needed additional resources to reduce performance issues. Cost savings of 34% equaling $145,000 per month were achieved by downsizing 1,465 AWS instances and modernizing cloud instance selections for an additional 58 instances. The analysis also revealed additional services that were being used in pockets across the environment that were not in compliance with organizational policy and were driving up costs.

The Results

The organization now has confidence that their environment is optimized, and has detailed visibility into what services are being consumed and ongoing optimization of its AWS environment to eliminate risks and waste. They particularly value the support of their Densification Advisor who proactively offers updates and manages the optimization for them.