Densify Infrastructure Optimization Success Stories

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Densify is a predictive analytics service that optimizes cloud environments in real time, enabling customers to operate with less cloud cost, less infrastructure and better performing applications. Below is a collection of stories of how we have helped our customers achieve exceptional outcomes.

Public Cloud Optimization Success Stories

ClearEdge Partners Customer Testimonial

How ClearEdge Partners Optimizes Cloud Spend for Their Customers with Densify

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Verisk Analytics Customer Testimonial

How Verisk Achieves Cloud Migration & Continuous Optimization with Densify

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OneLink BPO Customer Testimonial

How OneLink BPO Manages Multicloud Optimization & Capacity Planning with Densify

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System Resources Customer Testimonial

How System Resources Implements Business Automation & Cloud Transformation with Densify

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Leading Energy Provider Public Cloud Cost Optimization

Densify provides insight into hosting alternatives for AWS workloads.

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U.S. Ticket Distributor AWS Cost Optimization

Densify provides insight required to reduce risk and waste across Amazon Web Services through right sizing.

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On-Premises Virtual Infrastructure Optimization Success Stories

Fortune 500 Provider of Banking & Payment Technologies Realtime Infrastructure Optimization

Densify helps reduce capex costs.

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European Bank Realtime Infrastructure Optimization

Densify creates a 100% improvement in virtual density.

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Leading Insurer Reduced Infrastructure Risk & Volatility

Densify reduces DRS moves and volatility.

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Global Bank Tech Refresh & Infrastructure Transformation

Densify helps migrate 100,000 workloads to the cloud.

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Global Insurer Tech Refresh & Infrastructure Transformation

Densify helps optimize next generation infrastructure.

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Fortune 500 Insurer Automated Application Placement

Densify capacity reservations system improves service agility and prevents overprovisioning in private cloud environment.

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Multinational Bank Software License Reduction

Densify uncovers $85 million in Windows Server license savings over five years.

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Global Insurance Company Software License Reduction

Densify helps this company take control of complex IBM WebSphere licensing.

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Global Banking Organization Software License Reduction

Densify assists this bank with reducing unneeded Oracle licenses by 76%.

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Transportation & Business Services Organization Software License Reduction

Densify helps this company eliminate $3.8 million in unneeded CA APM licenses.

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