Multinational Bank Uncovers $82 Million on Windows Server Data Center Licensing Savings Over 5 Years

Customer Challenge

A multinational bank was dealing with both operational challenges and high costs in their virtualized environment due to manual manageement of inbound demand and infrastructure capacity.

Densify Solution

Densify was selected to give the organization policy-based management and an optimization engine that would enable them to get control of efficiency and risk. In addition to savings on hardware, the bank wanted to reduce their software license costs. Densify’s Software License Reduction analysis was leveraged to optimize VM placements for Windows Server Datacentre edition, which is licensed using a processor-based model that entitles organizations to run an unlimited number of VMs on up to two processors.

The Results

Densify’s analytics isolated Windows VMs from Linux VMs while also increasing density according to the bank’s unique policies. Densify’s integration to VMware DRS was relied on to remediate intra-day drift due to operational anomalies. The 55% reduction on licensing requirement resulted in a $5 Million upfront savings in Windows licenses and $82 million total savings within a 5 year term.