Re-Architecting the Densify SaaS Application for Kubernetes Best Practices for K8s Multicloud Delivery

Andrew Hughes, VP Operations and Support at Densify, describes how Densify operations and engineering teams tackled cloud adoption via lift and shift, and more recently, architected Densify’s enterprise SaaS to run in containers across cloud IaaS providers including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Initially a traditional, on-premises, Java-based client-server application, migration to Kubernetes required significant re-architecting. In this video, Andrew explains:

  • How and why he and his team leveraged each technology and approach they used to move Densify to K8s
  • The challenges that other organizations can avoid and best practices their teams can apply when building their own containerized apps
  • The results and benefits of re-architecting for Kubernetes and employing CI/CD/CO

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