Right-size and modernize cloud instances
to reduce costs by 40%

With Densify you can look beyond bump ups and bump downs to modernize instances for substantial savings.

Densify offers deep intra-day workload pattern analysis which is essential for right-sizing cloud instances. If you don’t know what your workload is doing during the day, you can’t choose the right resources to meet its needs. Right-sizing within the same instance class typically yields a 15-20% reduction, but Densify also enables you to modernize instances and move instance classes, which gives 35-40% savings.

Densify uniquely normalizes workload patterns using benchmarks to accurately compare detailed configurations and performance characteristics of the hardware underlying the different instance classes. This enables Densify to compare and safely recommend instance class changes such as, "make that c3.xlarge instance a c4.large".

That means more opportunity for optimizing your workloads and lowering your bill.

Detailed Amazon EC2 modernization recommendations, highlighting where moving from a C3 XL instance to a C4 L will enable the same performance and save 36%

Factoring in Reserved Instances

Also key to right-sizing and modernizing is understanding and leveraging your reserved instances. Your Densification Advisor will work with you to co-relate your right-sizing and instance modernization opportunities to your reserved instance schedules. They will also recommend optimization strategies for leveraging reserved instances to minimize your costs while ensuring your apps still get the service levels they require.

Learn about Densify’s cloud cost comparison for more savings opportunities

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