Reduce risk with deep workload pattern analysis

Advanced workload analysis ensures Densify always choose the right cloud instance for you workloads.

Densify analyzes the deep intra-day workload patterns, enabling accurate analysis of operational patterns and business cycles. What most products call right-sizing analysis is in reality a simplistic sizing approach, such as reliance on rolled up averages or sometimes no real workload analysis at all. These approaches miss the patterns that can show a workload peaking in core business hours, necessitating a larger instance. The only way to safely right-size cloud instances and reduce your risk is to understand the workload patterns.

Densify gives detailed right-sizing recommendations to get your workloads out of trouble. And you aren’t just limited to bump-ups in instance sizes. The ability to normalize the data using benchmarks enables accurate comparisons across platforms, so you can safely move to newer instance classes, between clouds, back on-premise, etc.

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