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Moving applications to the cloud is complicated.

Which application workloads should go? Where? How much resource is needed? How much will it cost? Making the wrong choices is extremely costly in terms of wasted OPEX dollars, compliance issues, security breaches and even downtime of key business services.

Making the right decision
requires analytics.

Densify enables you to automatically:

  • Compare providers and choose the best, most-cost effective hosting environment for each application
  • Meet each application workload’s compliance, regulatory, security, utilization and other technical requirements
  • Keep critical application workloads together
  • Optimize resource allocation and instance sizing decisions to ensure performance and service levels are met
  • See the number of instances that will be purchased and the cost per move group
Densify enables organizations to consolidate and migrate infrastructure faster, with less risk and lower infrastructure and software costs.

Have more than cloud migration on your mind?

Most often, we find that cloud migration is part of a larger transformation initiative such as data center consolidation or refresh. Our analytics set the industry standard for successful infrastructure transformations.
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Our secret sauce.

Our Densification Advisors™ will tune our analytics engine to identify ideal candidates, compare hosting providers, and deliver a detailed plan by examining:

Your workloads’ detailed requirements:

  • Deep intraday utilization patterns and personalities
  • Technical configurations, software, storage requirements
  • Governing business requirements
  • Purchasing strategies (on demand or reserved instances)
  • Other considerations


The capabilities of available hosting environments:

  • Instance catalogs
  • Software stacks
  • Operating models (public cloud vs. bare metal)
  • Pricing models

The Experts behind the scenes.

Your Densification Advisor guides your way through the cloud migration analysis. They leverage their years of experience and insights into best practices to tune the analytics, offer suggestions on policies and parameters and overall, just ensure you get the best plan possible for your organization (or your client if you are a service provider).

What you get.

The outcome is a detailed cloud migration plan outlining:

  • The best, most cost-effective hosting environment for each workload
  • The optimal instance sizes based on the historical utilization patterns of workloads
  • Reports for operations and finance teams

Densify also enables you to model migration plans within your overall Densify environment to:

  • Automate initial placement decisions
  • Integrate those decisions with orchestration systems to automate provisioning
  • Forecast future spending and provide visibility against budgets
Detailed cloud migration plan, instance sizing and cost.
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