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Cirba to Densify
Densify's Secret Sauce
Why Densify?

Cirba is now Densify

We have changed our name and leveraged our leading optimization engine to create next generation service for optimizing cloud.

2 minutes

Densify’s secret sauce is
our analytics engine.

Get an overview of how the science behind our service are unlike anything else out there and why only we can reduce your cost and risk at the same time.

2 minutes

Why Densify?

A short message from our CEO, Gerry Smith, on the problem we solve for organizations.

2 minutes

Densify Value Proposition

How does Densify optimize public cloud, bare metal cloud and on-premise infrastructure?

Densify is a predictive analytics service that optimizes your cloud in real-time. We enable lower cloud costs, less infrastructure, with better performing apps. Hear from our team how we do it.

2 minutes

Live Interview at VMworld 2017

Andrew Hillier, CTO and Co-Founder of Densify sits down with Stu Miniman & John Troyer of theCUBE at VMworld 2017

20 minutes

Densify’s Proactive and Reactive Automation Capabilities

Densify’s Proactive and Real-Time Automation Capabilities

Densify gives you the best of both worlds - automated proactive optimization and real-time response. Learn about the most comprehensive solution for automating optimization out there.

5 minutes

What our Densification Advisors do

Our Densification Advisors are the experts in infrastructure optimization. They act as an extension of your team, reducing your risk and costs in your hybrid cloud environment and ensuring your success with our service.

2 minutes

What You Get Tour

Ok, so it’s not a video, but it’s just as easy to review…check out this slideshow tour to see what you get with Densify.

Densify – Public Cloud

Top 3 reasons why your AWS and Azure bills are higher than they should be and what to do about it.
Webcast with CMG: Practical steps to optimizing your use of public cloud capacity
Public Cloud Overview

Top 3 reasons why your AWS and Azure bills are higher than they should be and what to do about it

The top reasons your public cloud bills are out of control, top initiatives planned to address this critical problem and what you really should be doing about it.

60 minutes

Webcast with CMG: Practical steps to optimizing your use of public cloud capacity

This webcast explores strategies for optimizing public cloud capacity that deliver up to 80% savings on public cloud costs while ensuring app performance and compliance

60 minutes

Introducing Densify for Optimizing Public Clouds

Achieve unprecedented savings on your public cloud bills using Densify's unique service and deep workload pattern analysis. Watch this video to learn how we can cut your bill by up to 80%!

58 minutes

IDC webcast: for the website with form
CMG Webcast

Webcast with IDC: Why Multi-Cloud Strategies Require Hybrid Capacity Analytics

Watch Andrew Hillier (Densify) and Mary Johnston Turner (IDC) present success strategies for multi-cloud management, including best practices, benefits of app-centric resource and cost optimization analytics and cost of getting it wrong.

58 minutes

Webcast with CMG: How Capacity Managers Enable IT to Become a Broker of Services in a Hybrid Cloud World

This Webcast explores how to scientifically analyze application demands and requirements against a diverse set of hosting venues and capabilities in order to determine the optimal "portfolio" of infrastructure to meet the needs of the business.

70 minutes

Densify – On-Premise Infrastructure & Bare Metal Cloud

Cloud Optimization Done For You

Introducing Densify for Optimizing On-premise Virtual Infrastructure and Bare Metal Cloud

Densify leverages its leading optimization engine to simultaneously cut risk and infrastructure requirements virtual infrastructure - delivering you savings of an average of 33% on hardware, 55% on software licensing.

3 minutes

Densify – Hosting Decisions & Transformations

EMA webcast for Densify website

Webcast with EMA: How Analytics Optimize Migration to AWS, Azure and Other Public Clouds

In this one hour-webcast, Torsten Volk (EMA) and Andrew Hillier (Densify), show you how to avoid major risks associated with cloud migration using comprehensive, intelligent analytics.

63 minutes

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