How Ticketmaster Optimizes Cloud Workloads with Densify

Brent Eubanks, VP Technology Optimization at Ticketmaster, describes how Densify’s patented machine learning enables his team to use and buy cloud more effectively. Densify enables Ticketmaster to narrow their focus to services that don’t trade cost for configuration and make informed decisions when working with public cloud workloads.

Brent discusses how Densify’s workload-focused approach is a differentiator because it is technology-agnostic and focused on utilization and consumption behavior patterns. This allows his team to strategically take advantage of newer AWS instance offerings.

Ticketmaster also benefits from partnering with Densify’s cloud experts—the Densification Advisors—allowing Brent’s team to expand dynamically as needed by effectively adding members that specialize in alleviating the challenges and difficulties of public cloud optimization at large enterprise scale.