7 Strategies to Optimize Public Cloud Spending

Reduce Public Cloud Costs up to 80%

Densify helps you take advantage of all seven of these public cloud strategies and the cost savings they deliver. Request a demo with one of our experts to see how.

1. Read the Bill & Assign Costs to Users/LOBs

To accurately comprehend cloud billing, you need a clear view of actual versus budgeted expenses, and clear allocation and attribution of costs acros business units and other cost centers. Visibility at the service and app level by day, week, quarter, and year is also necessary. With this level of understanding, you can identify unallocated charges, service sprawl, and unauthorized services and eliminate them.

2. Identify Risks & Eliminate Resource Pressure

Collect and analyze usage data to identify patterns that show when workloads peak during core business hours—and implement larger instances in these areas to reduce risk. Further comparing pattern data across platforms will enable you to successfully migrate existing workloads to more modern instance classes, better clouds, or back on premises as needed—reducing risk.

3. Right-Size Instances, Identify Deadwood & Eliminate Sprawl

Analyze your intra-day workload patterns to identify oversized infrastructure. Compare workload patterns against industry and internal benchmarks and evaluate hardware configurations and performance characteristics across the instance classes you are leveraging to identify beneficial instance class changes.

4. Modernize & Align with the Latest Services & Catalogs

Right-sizing across an instance class usually allows 15–20% savings, but modernizing instances and migrating classes can ensure 35–40% reduction. Keep abreast of new provider catalog offerings and leverage them as needed. Comprehend and effectively use reserved instances by putting in place a strategy that weighs instance modernization and right-sizing opportunities against RI schedules to lower costs while ensuring proper application service levels.

5. Assess Alternatives including Other Hosting Providers

Don’t be afraid to jump clouds or adopt a multicloud strategy—these tactics often help business realize the most significant savings. Explore the cost and performance of your workloads across all available public cloud providers.

6. Explore Bare Metal with Hypervisor, Dedicated Hosts, & More

Many organizations will realize benefits from hybrid strategies. In some cases, sophisticated optimizations and automations available across bare metal and virtualized infrastructure can save your organization more.

7. Leverage Containers & Other Advanced Hosting Strategies

Stack containers efficiently within extra large instances to leverage savings over a combination of smaller instances. Explore stacking workloads on bare metal. Effective container strategies can lead to an 80% reduction in opex.

Relax—Densify’s Analytics & Experts Do This Hard Work For You

Densify’s machine learning and experts can help you realize all seven of these strategies and their benefits. See how we can help you optimize your public clouds and dramatically cut costs—request a demo with one of our experts today!

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