Augment Bill Analysis with Public Cloud Capacity Optimization Strategies

Recorded Presentation with CMG

Public Cloud: Massive Benefits, Massive Bills

Public cloud is the primary area of information technology investment today. But, many organizations are also experiencing sticker shock as they proceed through the first few billing cycles. Cloud costs are generally much higher than expected.

Many organizations react in a knee-jerk manner to public cloud sticker shock. They quickly purchase a public cloud bill analysis tool—one that monitors and reports on cloud spend, allocates cloud budget, and drives organizational accountability. But this is only a small piece of the cloud cost optimization solution.

This recorded presentation with CMG explores strategies for optimizing public cloud capacity to deliver savings up to 80%, while ensuring peak application performance and compliance. Learn how to augment cloud bill analysis with strategies for:

  • Risk identification to eliminate pressure on resources
  • Identification and elimination of cloud sprawl to allow instance rightsizing
  • Modernization procedures to make use of the latest cloud provider service offerings
  • Assessing alternative placements for workloads, including with other public cloud providers
  • How to leverage bare metal to supplement pure cloud
  • How to effectively adopt containerization and other advanced hosting strategies to minimize footprint

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