Cloud Optimization Through Machine Learning

Public cloud usage is driving opportunity for many organizations, but along with this benefit comes skyrocketing costs.

Only the combination of a deep understanding of your workload usage patterns, and an understanding of all the major cloud providers’ offerings, can effectively drive costs down through better cloud infrastructure management choices.

Making the right cloud service selection is simply not possible at human scale. That’s why Densify has introduced a unique combination of the a machine-learning-driven cloud optimization engine and a dedicated team of infrastructure experts.

Densify’s machine learning technology analyzes your cloud usage patterns and proactively recommends what changes you should make, and the results to expect.

Delivered as a service, there is no software to install, maintain, or learn, and no need to hire additional staff.

With the aid of Densify machine learning powering cloud decisions, some companies save up to 80% on their cloud costs.