Cloud & Kubernetes Tagging Best Practices

The Importance of Optimizing Your Tags

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, proper tagging compliance is crucial for businesses to effectively track and analyze user behavior, optimize cloud costs, and ensure regulatory adherence.

In this 20-min session, Densify experts discuss the importance of accurate and consistent tagging, outlining the direct impact it has on data quality, security, and automation. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the key challenges faced when implementing tagging strategies and learn how to avoid potential pitfalls. We will cover:

  1. Why tagging is important and use cases
  2. How tags are used in Public Cloud and Kubernetes
  3. Tagging mistakes to avoid
  4. A demonstration

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About the Presenters

Stephen Geist

Stephen Geist Sr. Technical Account Manager, Densify

Stephen Geist has 20+ years of experience in the I.T. industry, working in partnership with customers to provide guidance and assistance with their investments in technology. Stephen spent the first half of his career as a consultant, specializing on Microsoft and VMware infrastructure support at the server level, and directly with end users. The second half of his career has been focused as a technical advisor role for new technologies such as Public Cloud and Containers, in collaboration with Densify partners, customers, and fellow colleagues.

Joel Pereira

Joel Pereira Kubernetes Optimization Specialist, Densify

Joel Pereira has 20+ years of experience guiding customers in solving technical challenges. Joel has a developer background in a wide range of programming languages along with in-depth client relationship experience. Recently he has dived into the exciting world of Kubernetes and become a leader of automation at Densify.