6 Things Critical to Cloud Optimization Programs

Lessons from Leading Large Scale Cloud Users

Enterprises face many challenges when FinOps programs turn to infrastructure optimization to find cloud savings. Cloud catalog complexity, reluctant engineers or even having the staff and time to make the many changes required can all slow down or impede progress and savings.

In this 20-minute session we cover the 6 things leading large scale cloud users have learned are critical to cloud optimization programs:

  1. Precise Analysis
  2. Transparent Answers
  3. Software-Awareness
  4. Hardware-Awareness
  5. ITSM Compliance
  6. Pipeline Integration

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About the Presenter

Andrew Hillier

Andrew Hillier CTO & Co-Founder, Densify

Andrew Hillier has over 20 years of experience in the creation and implementation of mission-critical cloud applications for the world’s largest enterprises. He heads the product strategy and innovations that underpin the Densify solution. He holds 10 patents in this field and is a noted thought leader and speaker in cloud and container technologies. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering from The University of New Brunswick.