Scaling & Automating DevOps in AWS

AWS DevOps Training

Using Infrastructure as Code to Scale DevOps in AWS

DevOps organizations at leading enterprises often fracture into smaller teems around independent services, which each govern infrastructure and environments to power their own build and release pipelines—often built around CI/CD concepts. Infrastructure as code (IaC) paradigms enable the central control necessary for scaling DevOps processes in an agile, reliable, and accountable manner.

In this AWS training for CTOs, DevOps and engineering leaders, devs, architects, and SREs, learn how to enable a declarative, version-controlled approach to IaC that delivers a secure, efficient, and repeatable method for deploying and updating your AWS environments. You will learn:

  • IaC and GitOps fundamentals, and other techniques for avoiding manual scripting and configurations
  • How to increase operator productivity and developer agility with automatable, self-service provisioning, while maintaining security and governance
  • How to manage and optimize your AWS cloud costs through automated FinOps
  • How tools like HashiCorp Terraform, Densify, and CoreStack can help you build an effective IaC-driven FinOps practice

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About the Presenters

Tracy Ragan

Tracy Ragan Ambassador, DevOps Institute

Tracy Ragan is the CEO and Co-Founder of DeployHub and also currently serves as a board member of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (Linux Foundation), where she is the General Member Representative. Tracy is an expert in configuration management practices, microservices, and CI/CD.

Priya Manghnani

Priya Manghnani Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Priya Manghnani is a Partner Solutions Architect in the DevOps segment at Amazon Web Services. She has over eight years of experience building and maintaining software, architecting solutions, DevOps, CI/CD, administration, networking, configuration management, and scripting. She is enthusiastic about learning new technologies and building solutions backed by DevOps-related AWS services and partner solutions.