When Your AI Isn’t All That Intelligent See What Happens When AI Goes Wrong

Artificial intelligence like Siri and Alexa “help” us every day—but what if the AI you trust ran amok?

Get the Perfect Resources for Your Cloud Applications—Every Time

Companies are increasingly buying and committing to public cloud services that do not match the actual requirements of their applications. They do this because it is not possible to manually select the optimal array of cloud services for an application—machine learning and AI-driven analytics are required to continuously match evolving app requirements with existing and newly-offered cloud services.

Densify’s AI analyzes cloud usage patterns and proactively makes your applications self-aware of the changes required to continuously optimize their performance—dramatically reducing costs. Unlike traditional cloud tools that focus on the bill but don't fix the underlying problem, Densify’s machine learning targets the root of cloud performance challenges by addressing the problem at the application and infrastructure layers.

As your app’s demands change, and new services are introduced or old services are modernized, Densify’s machine learning responds and your applications stay optimized. As a result, risk is minimized and cloud spend plummets.

When it comes to intelligent cloud and container resource selection—trust Densify.

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