Raiffeisen Bank Aval Rightsizes Their VM Footprint with Densify

Customer Success Story

Raiffeisen Bank Aval Chooses Densify for Cloud Resource Alignment

Raiffeisen Bank Aval is one of the top five commercial banks in Ukraine. The bank offers a wide range of standard and up-to-date banking services used by more than 2.5 million customers.

Partnered with Densify, Raiffeisen Bank Aval avoided significant expenses in additional hardware procurement by ensuring private cloud resources are perfectly aligned to workload demand patterns and business cycles.

The Challenge: Expanding Hardware Costs

Raiffeisen faced an initiative to modernize their private cloud infrastructure, but the team encountered difficulties with validating hardware requirements against purchase recommendations made by the hardware vendor. As a result, an additional 33% in hardware costs were expected for this transformation project.

The existing cloud environment had a VM-to-host ratio of 24:1, and it consisted of 38 VMware hosts and 923 virtual machines.

The Solution: Scientific Workload Placement & Rightsizing

Having ingested all historical VM utilization metrics across the private cloud infrastructure, Densify leveraged machine-learning-driven analytics to model the utilization patterns, establishing unique workload profiles for 923 of Raiffeisen’s VMs.

Understanding the workload profiles and new hardware benchmarks, Densify performed in-depth predictive analysis across the infrastructure to scientifically place these workloads onto fewer hosts, while at the same time rightsizing the VMs based on demand patterns.

Densify considered the following factors during multidimensional permutation analysis:

  • CPU and memory thresholds and overcommit ratios
  • Time-of-day utilization patterns
  • Recurring transaction activities
  • Production versus test and dev environments
  • Windows and Linux software licencing
  • Benchmarks of new HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 hardware
  • High availability

Transformation Summary

Densify reduced the number of VM hosts by over 50%, rightsizing the hardware footprint
The results of Densify’s rightsizing and optimal placement of VMs across Raiffeisen’s private cloud infrastructure

The Result: Optimal Placement & Performance

Having implemented Densify’s recommendations, Raiffeisen Bank Aval rightsized their VMs with optimal placement across their private cloud infrastructure, achieving:

  1. The provisioning of 14 HPE Synergy 480 ESXi hosts, compared 38 hosts originally
  2. Their VM-to-host ratio safely increased from 24:1 to 66:1

Results of Scientific Rightsizing

Densify calculated the exact number of VM hosts required to adequately resource Raiffeisen’s workloads
Densify machine-learning-powered rightsizing enabled a 37% reduction in ESXi hosts and a 63% increase in VM-to-host ratio

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