Optimising the Public Cloud with Paul Stringfellow & Andrew Hillier Techstringy Tech Interviews Podcast

Cloud Complexity Unraveled

Cloud visionary Andrew Hillier joins host Paul Stringfellow for this first episode in a series of Techstringy Tech Interviews exploring the complexity of public cloud and different approaches to solve inherent technical and commercial challenges.

Understand the Limits of Current Approaches—& the True Solution

Paul and Andrew discuss the limitations of first- and current-generation cloud optimization solutions and how the best approach to alleviating pressure on enterprise solutions architects is leveraging services to enhance decision making and design, using analytics, intelligence, and human expertise to simplify the complexity around cloud projects.

They cover the Densify analytics platform, which combines:

  • Analytics and machine intelligence that constructs a deep understanding of workloads and builds performance profiles
  • Automatically selects the correct cloud resources for each workload to enable companies to take full advantage of their cloud platform—whether it be AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or IBM Cloud
  • Provides expert guidance in the form of dedicated advisors to tune the cloud analytics and recommendations

Hear the Full Series & Take Advantage of Cloud Optimisation for Your Business

Listen now, and be sure to follow the full series at Techstringy. And request a demo today to see for yourself how Densify optimisation can transform your cloud management approach forever.