The Value of Cost Analysis for Kubernetes & Cloud

Cost Analytics for K8s & Cloud Yield Big Savings

The Importance of Good FinOps & DevOps Hygiene

Cost analysis for cloud and containers enables businesses to remedy the cumulative effects of on-demand micropurchasing behavior in the cloud and achieve meaningful savings of 40–70% through a process that entails:

  1. Enabling a deep understanding of cost centers and the context of the IaaS bill through tag analysis, slicing and dicing data, and identification of anomalous spend
  2. Empowering Kubernetes architects and cloud engineers to collaborate with Finance to purchase infrastructure correctly, making the best use of discount and coupon offerings like Savings Plans and Reserved Instances
  3. Eliminating the root inefficiencies that cause overspend by rightsizing resources based on actual and projected utilization

Remedying Oversubscription to Container Resources

The process of manually setting requests and limits across a Kubernetes-orchestrated container infrastructure based on the assumed needs of each container can create massive underutilization and overspend. Container optimization analytics from Densify help make the correct resource allocations across your Amazon EKS, AKS, GKE, OpenShift, and Docker footprints. The CI/CD-integrated process of Continuous Optimization enables request and limit values to be adjusted dynamically based on analysis of the actual machine-learned requirements of each container.

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