ITSM-Controlled Optimization of EC2 & RDS Services for Cost & Performance Integration Workshop Recording

Amazon Web Services + Densify

Enabling Continuous Cloud Cost Optimization as Part of an ITSM-Controlled Management Process

Enterprise-scale cloud infrastructure can create constant cost optimization challenges. One of the biggest barriers to optimization is the actual implementation of the recommended instance-level actions and changes. Enterprises must be able to take high-accuracy recommendations through a controlled process, from approval to action, in order to succeed.

Watch this presentation by AWS and Densify to understand:

  • How embedding optimization analytics into ITSM-controlled provisioning enables continuous resource and cost optimization
  • How you can automate cost optimization while maintaining governance and change approval process flows that include Operations and application owners
  • Example architectures and integration points
  • Data flow, action approval processes, and maintenance window setup
  • Automated execution of optimization changes

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About the Presenters

Brian Terry

Brian Terry Senior Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Brian Terry is the Senior Partner Solutions Architect for Amazon Web Services, specializing in cloud management tools.

Brian's career spans almost twenty years.

He enjoys building infrastructure with CloudFormation and creating serverless applications in Go.

Dinesh Raveendran

Dinesh Raveendran Cloud Architect, Densify

Dinesh Raveendran has 15 years of experience owning, managing, and delivering cutting-edge technology propositions. He is responsible for explorative research into existing and emerging cloud management technologies, and evangelizing how these technologies can be leveraged to help optimally manage cloud infrastructures through prototyping, thought leadership, and content creation.

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