Selecting Cloud Management Platforms & Tools

Gartner Guidance Framework

Purchasing the Right Cloud Management Tool

As the use of public cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Google, and Azure increases, management of these IaaS and PaaS solutions, especially in the case of hybrid cloud or multicloud implementations, is an endeavour fraught with complexity. Gartner advises that Operations professionals identify cloud management requirements and align them with infrastructure management and optimization solutions and tools to alleviate enterprise challenges.

In this research, Gartner emphasizes:

  • Enterprises should focus on leveraging the strengths of each infrastructure environment and public cloud relative to each of their apps and workloads
  • A combined approach, utilizing both platform-specific (native tooling as offered by AWS and other providers) and third-party cross-platform solutions such as Densify
  • There is no perfect, all-in-one management tool
  • That enterprises should start with each public cloud’s native offerings, adding multicloud solutions as their infrastructures become more sophisticated and management requirements expand, and that they should avoid home-grown tooling altogether
  • Outsourcing management and optimization skillsets and abilities that don’t make sense bringing in-house via hiring

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