How to Embed Continuous Cloud Cost Optimization into DevOps Pipelines

Recorded DevOps Training

See How Successful Enterprises Manage Cloud Costs through DevOps

Cloud costs have risen sharply despite the efforts of enterprises to adopt automation technologies to manage the cloud development lifecycle and the acquisition of infrastructure. These technologies typically give developers the power to select infrastructure instance configurations directly within code—a process which is often completed based on best-effort estimations. But, with the rising cost and complexity of these ecosystems, multidimensional analysis and undisruptive automation are critical for successful instance management and cost optimization.

Watch this recorded training and explore the science of continuous cost optimization. Our DevOps experts cover:

  • How continuous optimization can be embedded into and actioned by DevOps pipelines
  • Case studies of advanced enterprises successfully augmenting their pipelines to embrace systemic optimization
  • A live demo of an extensible, best practice DevOps pipeline supporting continuous cost optimization

We also include an open Q&A session so you can get all of your cloud cost questions answered.

DevOps+FinOps Training Session

About the Presenters

Pegah Garousi

Pegah Garousi Solution Architect, Densify

Pegah Garousi over 12 years of experience in consulting and architecting solutions to help customers solve complex technical problems.

While working at Densify, she has led many integrations between DevOps, cloud computing, and virtualization technologies for a variety of clientele from diverse sectors. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Ottawa and is an AWS Certified Solution Architect.

Dinesh Raveendran

Dinesh Raveendran Cloud Architect, Densify

Dinesh Raveendran has 15 years of experience owning, managing, and delivering cutting-edge technology propositions. He is responsible for explorative research into existing and emerging cloud management technologies, and evangelizing how these technologies can be leveraged to help optimally manage cloud infrastructures through prototyping, thought leadership, and content creation.