Densify Service Overview

Densify is a cloud optimization company focused on tackling the skyrocketing costs of public cloud adoption. Delivered as a service, its patented technology uses machine learning to automatically learn your cloud usage patterns 24/7, and proactively recommends what changes you should make and results to expect.

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How Our SaaS Model Works

The Densify service is based on market leading analytics delivered in a SaaS model. Key to the service is the fact that you won’t have to host, install, learn, manage and maintain our software—that’s all taken care of for you by us.

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Densify for Optimizing On-Premises Infrastructure

Densify provides the most comprehensive solution for automated optimization in on-premise infrastructure, leveraging both predictive analytics and real-time response. The result is better performing apps running on an average of a 33% less infrastructure.

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Densify for AWS Cloud Optimization

Densify leverages machine learning to keep your AWS cloud forever optimized, driving higher operational and cost efficiency.

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Densify for Optimal App & Workload Hosting Decisions

Densify automatically, in real-time routes apps and workloads to the best hosting environment based on fit for purpose criteria, resource requirements, SLAs, and other key considerations.

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Densify for Software Licence Control

Densify’s Software License Control capability reduces processor or core-based software licensing requirements in on-premise and bare metal cloud infrastructure by an average of 55%.

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Densify for Cloud Migration Planning

Densify’s cloud migration analytics compare hosting environments, assess workload suitability and right-size cloud instances for faster, lower risk and cost effective migration plans.

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Densify for Technology Refresh

Densify's scenario modeling capabilities enable the fastest and safest transformations possible for hardware refresh and platform upgrades.

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