The Gorilla Guide to Cloud & Container Resource Management

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Complete guide to managing AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and Kubernetes resources

The cloud has fundamentally changed how IT is done. What once was static is now dynamic and fluid. One major area of shift is to containers, which enable this new, richer environment.

That shift also comes with complications—most acutely felt in the area of resource management. Which workloads need which resources? How do you scale those resources up and down? How do you manage the hundreds or thousands of containers efficiently?

The Densify-sponsored Gorilla Guide to Cloud & Container Resource Management is here to help. In this eBook, you’ll learn how to control your environment in a practical and cost-effective way to get the maximum benefit of the cloud with minimum hassle.


  • The risk of uncontrolled micropurchasing
  • The importance of cloud resource management
  • Container orchestration and optimizing Kubernetes resource efficiency
  • The benefits of infrastructure as code
  • Why automation is the key to proper DevOps

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Table of Contents

The Gorilla Guide to Cloud & Container Resource Management pulls together a complete overview and set of best practices for optimizing performance and cost in your cloud and containers across nearly fifty pages of deep-dive information:

  • Chapter 1: New Infrastructure, Same Problems
    • Agility vs. Cost Management
    • The Risk of Micro-Purchasing
    • The Importance of Resource Management
  • Chapter 2: Cloud Basics: Introduction to Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Computing
    • Major Cloud Providers
    • Cloud Pricing Models
    • Deep Dive: Amazon EC2
    • Every Choice Is an Opportunity to Make a Mistake
  • Chapter 3: Advanced Services: Auto Scaling, Databases, and Reserved Instances
    • Automatic Scaling
    • Autoscaling in the Cloud
    • Relational Database Services
    • Reserved Instances
  • Chapter 4: Container Management
    • From Bare Metal to Application Stacks
    • Docker Containers
    • Container Orchestration with Kubernetes
    • Optimizing Kubernetes Resource Efficiency
    • The Platform of Choice
  • Chapter 5: Automating Resource Management
    • Benefits of Infrastructure as Code
  • Chapter 6: DevOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Development
    • The Rise of DevOps
    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
    • CI/CD for Cloud
    • Finding the Sweet Spot
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