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Making the Most of Your Existing Cloud Investments

Cloud and containers visionary Andrew Hillier joins hosts Brad Loomis and Robert Christiansen of Cloud Technology Partners for this episode of The Doppler Cloud Podcast exploring cost and performance challenges organizations are facing now that they have moved significant infrastructure to the public cloud, and how they can get the most out of their cloud investments.

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How to Buy Cloud Services More Strategically

How do businesses get the most out of their cloud investments? Andrew and the Doppler hosts discuss how machine-learning-driven analytics can be leveraged to help organizations better optimize utilization and cloud billing.

Densify joins the hosts of The Doppler Podcast to talk cloud management

Andrew discusses how developers’ concerns about resource constriction can understandably cause them to throw exponentially more resources at a given workload than required, and how the growing complexity of cloud services offered is leading even seasoned infrastructure managers to select mismatched resources for their apps. Understanding workload usage patterns, connections between services, and your organizations’ evolving needs can enable developers buy more strategically and keep cloud costs under control.

Finally, Andrew chronicles his journey to cloud consulting, a few of the constant lessons he is learning from customers, and his tips for keeping up with the evolution of tech and working successfully with the two principal wardrobe personas in tech: the “suits” and the “skinny jeans.”

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