Hybrid Cloud Capacity Planning

How OneLink BPO Accomplishes Multicloud Capacity Planning & Optimization with Densify

In this video, IT Operations Director Alejandro Mata describes how informed cloud capacity planning and optimization recommendations help OneLink
customers avoid performance and cost challenges in their hybrid cloud environments.

OneLink BPO, based in Central and South America, delivers outsourced business processes to customers worldwide. OneLink leverages Densify to generate multicloud performance, cost, and capacity planning recommendations for their customers across VMware, Microsoft Azure, and container services.

Densify analyzes data based on business-defined benchmarks, such as application, server, and storage capacity and performance to optimize on-premises hardware utilization, licensing cost, and enable capacity planning. Within Azure, Densify analyzes usage, performance, and cost, based on business unit or customer, to make family and instance type optimization recommendations.

OneLink BPO understands that as their customers continue to move to a hybrid cloud approach—utilizing multiple clouds and leveraging containers for applications—having reliable data for operational and optimization planning is critical. Densify solves this requirement by providing meaningful analytics and data for all cloud environments being utilized by OneLink customers, enabling optimization and capacity planning based on their applications’ business-defined requirements.

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